Thursday, June 10, 2010


these are the fairies that imade out of bendaroos i took the pictures sideways so yeah. The red one is bud she makes spring and flowers. The green one is fern and she makes summer and other plants like ferns and trees and grass. The blue one is seed she makes winter and berrys I for got to make a yellow fairy for fall she would just take the other things away. I took a picture of all of them.

bender city made out of bendaroos

This is the entire city. The strips of green are farm land and there's the farmer's house. The big green and blue blob is the lake. The pink thing is a bridge. There's the airport: those little red and the little green things are planes. The yellow building is a school.The blue building with the pink letters on top is the medical hospital. The green building with the "H" on top is the hotel. the yellow building with the blue top is WcDonolds. The big red building is Walmart. You see the mess thing - those are rides. You see the pink thing that kinda looks like a mouth with a orange tooth - that's a roller coaster. You see the red thing that goes in two loops - that's a roller coaster. See the pink farris wheel beside it and in front of the farris wheel - you see the bungie jumpie trampolines, and beside those, see the blue thing -that's a boat rocker ride. Do you see the square on a square - those are bumper cars, and beside that and a little behind see the stick thing - that's that one ride that pulls you up really slowly and at the top it drops you. Behind that the blue and green twirly thing is a water ride. The houses finally. Can you see the cars - that's what the little dots are. Well that's all. It looks better in real life.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


yes I'm done with all my poetry

why i like cats

So why do you think i like cats ?

wweellll.cats are cutely coolly awesomely

weird and being weird is so cool it makes

my face hurt plus all the other comments up there,

here's some more.

They don't get hurt easy at all they can jump off

buildings,fences,trees,and telephone poles and

just run away cause when they fall they spread

out to slow down, and they land on their feet,

there legs are flexible.

Their so soft and furry and so nice to cuddle with.

mine is cuddly early in the morning and he has a loud purr.

they can live off things like mice,birds,rats,and bugs

which means they stay out of your house and you don't hafta

feed your cat as much.

so now do you under stand why i like cats ITS CAUSE THEIR

AWESOME pretty much the whole storey in one sentence.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

big Mr barnbrushroom

sat on a mushroom

eating his peaches and cream

then up came a fly named Tim

and sat down beside him and

almost made him scream but

the fly drank his water

so he grabbed his fly swatter

and smashed him into a tree

seven little dogs

seven little doggys
snoozing in there bed
the first got out and got fed
the second whined all most all
the third couldn't get to
the forth started to fight
the fith wanted water
the seventh truned up the heat
and made every one

a buten on a teddy bear

kittens are as cute as
a buten on a teddy
bears nose .